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We have Varieties.

Bachelor's Blend


Bangin' Beans


Roasted between 445 and 448 degrees, Mornin' Mudd is our darkest, most robust flavor.  If you like a French or Espresso roast, Mornin' Mudd was designed just for you.

Weekend Bliss is a full-flavored rich bodied roast that brings out all of the qualities and characteristics of our Costa Rican beans.

Bachelor's Blend is a unique and complex blend.  Three distinctive roast techniques make up the robust favor of the Bachelor's Blend.

Mornin' Mudd


Weekend Bliss


Bangin' Beans is a combination roast that is achieved with our unique process along with blended dark roasted benas that gives Bangin' Beans that *WOW* factor we all love.

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